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Welcome to DSC Handheld.com

DSC Handheld.com is a microsite dedicated to DSC Handheld VHF Marine Radio and explains the latest developments in this relatively new piece of marine radio technology.
There is also a list of FAQ’s regarding Handheld DSC's which we hope answers some of the questions you may have.

About DSC Handeld

So what are DSC Handheld's?

Digital Selective Calling (DSC) is a safety technology that has been common in fixed panel mount DSC radios used in larger vessels. With the increase in the number of small boat owners taking to sea ...

Where can I use a DSC Handheld?

DSC handheld VHF marine radios bought in the UK can be used throughout Europe. However the register of licensing information held by OFCOM about the user and their radio is only effective in UK terri...

Why do I need a DSC handheld VHF marine radio?

A DSC Handheld radio works just like a standard VHF handheld with a couple of additions. A DSC Handheld has a red emergency button. By pressing and holding the button for 3 seconds you can send an em...

DSC Handeld FAQ's

Do I need to register my DSC handheld VHF marine radio, like an EPIRB?

No. OFCOM share MMSI details with the MCA to assist their search and rescue operations. OFCOM will share MMSIs for individual handheld DSC radios with the MCA in the same manner

What if I sell my radio?

You must surrender your Ship Portable Radio Licence. Until you do, OFCOM cannot transfer the MMSI to the new owner. If the new owner makes a DSC distress call, the MCA will always respond but it may a...

What operator certificate do I need for a DSC handheld VHF marine radio?

As a Handheld DSC is licensed under a Ship Portable Radio Licence, you can use it on any ship within UK territorial sea with the permission of the skipper. You must hold at least the Short Range Cert...